What Is a Personal Security Driver?

A personal security driver is one who works for a security firm as a member of a monitoring team. This type of driver is responsible for responding to emergency calls and driving the client’s car to wherever they need to go. This driver is often the first response for call outs involving an injured or disturbed client. Personal security drivers are also responsible for making sure the client’s property is secure in their care. If a client has asked for your personal security driver to come to their home to see if there is anything wrong, they will be grateful for your help and service.

Personal Security Driver

A personal security driver must have a valid driver’s license and also possess a special card that allows them access into the secured facility. All personal drivers must pass a background check. This helps to ensure that the drivers have no past offenses against the law that would make it difficult for them to drive on the roads. Many personal drivers require close monitoring of their license status and driving history. These drivers must complete their daily personal drivers report and wait to receive a call if their license is suspended, revoked or if an incident occurs that would make it illegal for them to drive a vehicle.

In order to become a personal driving service provider, you should already have a valid license for operating a vehicle to carry passengers and meet all other state requirements. There are many ways to find residential security service providers. You can contact your local police department or security firm or you can search online using Google or other search engines. When looking for residential security firms, you can ask your local sheriff’s department for recommendations. Many security firms also offer a referral program that lets you earn a certificate of completion from them for a certain period of time if you successfully complete a certain number of tasks.