What Are Cream Chargers?

Cream Chargers

Cream Chargers are essentially steel cartridges or cylinders filled with pessurised gas (nitrous oxide, N2O) that is used to whip liquid ingredients such as coffee, cocktails, dessert toppings and sauces. They have gained huge popularity in a domestic setting as home chefs attempt to replicate culinary creations. It’s important to use quality chargers and a compatible dispenser to get the best results.

The charger cylinder has one end that is narrower and has a foil covering that is intentionally broken when placed into a dispenser to allow the nitrous oxide to be injected. The dispenser is fitted with a nozzle and is designed to withstand high internal pressures. The n2o can then be injected into any liquid ingredient that has a nozzle hole and the liquid will rapidly aerate, producing the desired consistency. This is particularly useful for whipped cream as it eliminates the need for fat-rich stabilizers and thus has a much lighter, more appealing texture.

Cream Chargers 101: All You Need to Know About Whipped Cream Essentials

Nitrous Oxide, also referred to as laughing gas is very popular recreationally and can be inhaled through a balloon to produce a feeling of euphoria. It’s important that you are fully aware of the risks of ingesting the gas as inhaling it can deprive you of oxygen, cause hallucinate and put you at risk of vitamin B12 deficiency.

Aside from whipped cream, N2O can be used for the rapid infusion of oils, sauces, syrups and marinades which could otherwise take weeks to make. The neutral acidity of the gas makes it ideal for this type of preparation as it doesn’t impart any flavours of its own.