Trends in Kitchen Design in Newcastle

kitchen design Newcastle

If you’re thinking about a new kitchen, it’s worth seeking out a Newcastle-based kitchen designer who will carry out all the work including kitchen fitting in-house so that there is no need to deal with multiple firms. A professional designer will meet you in your home to talk through the style you want and measure up for a quote. They can also help with recommending products and styles that are available for your specific space. Check this out : More info

While the key elements of a kitchen rightly get the most attention, it’s the finishing touches that can really set it apart. There’s a new wave of subtle, yet trending ways to transform your kitchen, from statement avante-garde additions to simple subtle upgrades.

Smart Kitchen Technology: Revolutionize Your Newcastle Home

Previously, white kitchens were seen as the best way to keep a space looking fresh and clean but there’s now a move towards warm tones with sandy desert and earthy colors coming to the fore. Ocean blues are popular along with darker neutrals such as mushroom shades. Strongly veined marble tiles are replacing the Carrara/grey ones that have been popular for a while.

If you’re after something more dramatic, try introducing a metallic touch in the form of bronze or brass cabinets and accessories. Or add a touch of industrial chic with bespoke burnished wire mesh cupboard doors. For a more feminine touch, consider glazed kitchen cupboards or open shelving to display decorative crockery and cookbooks. Or create a gallery wall of small decorative objects such as vases and ceramics above the sink.