Tennis Court Maintenance

Tennis Court Maintenance

A well-maintained tennis court will not only allow the players to enjoy playing on the surface but will also extend the life of the surface. A few simple daily routines will keep the court looking and playing great for years to come. These daily routines include brushing, watering and rolling.Check this out:

Weeds should be treated promptly with an appropriate herbicide. Do not pull weeds out as this will only cause them to grow back and penetrate deeper into the court surface. Inspect and clean the area drains (if installed) around your court on a regular basis. Ensure that there is no blockage in the drains as this can lead to water damage. It is important to have first class drainage for your tennis court, especially in wet climates.

Tennis Court Preservation: A Historical Perspective

Indoor Har-Tru surfaces require less maintenance but should be kept clean of sand, dirt, pine needles and leaves. This is done with a blower or sweeper specifically designed for the court.

Cracks should be repaired as soon as they appear. This will limit the amount of stress put on the asphalt and prevent the cracks from getting bigger. Depending on the severity of the cracks, they may need to be repaired using one of several methods such as geotextile membranes or a stone slip sheet. Consultation with a qualified contractor will help refine the method required to minimize cost.

The surface should be walked on a regular basis to look for any areas that have not drained properly (birdbaths). This is caused by frost expansion in the granular course of the subbase, or erosion of the soil below the subbase. This type of failure can be corrected by reconstruction of the court including resurfacing, repaving and/or addition of new material such as an expansion joint.