Telehandler Training Courses

A CPCS telehandler training course is a comprehensive program that is designed for employees working with telehandlers in construction, demolition, and utility applications. These courses cover the basics of the operation and safety of a Telehandler. They also cover proper operating safety procedures. The course includes a written examination. The materials and skills taught are reinforced by workbooks and supplementary handouts. These courses are ideal for those in construction, utilities, and other industries where a Telehandler is a common tool.

How to Do Telehandler Training Courses

Most telehandler training courses start with classroom theory training. To pass this course, trainees must understand and memorize 72 questions that will appear on a verbal theory test. These tests are conducted one-on-one with a CPCS qualified trainer and are recorded for monitoring purposes. The test contains questions on basic health and safety, category specific, and operating procedures. For example, the CPCS telehandler training course will teach you how to use an excavator, a telehandler, and other machinery.

A telehandler training course includes both practical and theoretical tests to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and skills. The CPCS technical test requires that you pass the test with an average score of 80%. You can also choose to use a mobile app to test yourself and see if you’ve learned everything you need to know. If you’ve passed the course, you’re ready to take the next step.