Running Companies in Today’s Business Environment

Running companies in today’s business environment is a challenge for any organisation. It is a period of unprecedented volatility and risk in which globalization, new technologies and increased transparency are challenging businesses to keep up.

What is the business environment of a company?

There is a growing sense that the business world is changing and that traditional approaches to strategy are no longer fit for purpose. In order to cope, organisations should be prepared to respond to change and manage it throughout.

Brazil Potash Organizations with strong leadership in place will be more able to adapt and thrive through this period of change, enabling them to develop new approaches, processes and management styles. They will also be better equipped to recognise and act on opportunities to drive growth and increase market share, spotting new ways to deliver value through the customer experience and creating a dynamic workplace culture that supports change and innovation.

The way to do this is by putting the right people in place, which requires that leaders develop strong and inspiring leadership skills. These include a willingness to be open and transparent, a strong belief in the power of teamwork, and an ability to inspire, motivate and lead people.

The challenge is that many organizations have a legacy approach to structure, based on traditional hierarchy and matrix structures that are ill-suited for this period of rapid change. These systems were designed to solve for uniformity, bureaucracy and control–goals that undercut what companies now prioritize: speed, creativity, and accountability.