Reasons to Use Fusion Bonded Epoxy Pipe Coating in Gas Industry Pipelines

A new development in the field of pipe fittings and coatings is fusion bonded epoxy pipe coating. These innovative products are becoming more popular and are being used to finish off older and deteriorated pipe material. As a metal, epoxy has the ability to withstand corrosion and resist extreme temperatures, plus it is resistant to acids and corrosives. However, with these traits, epoxy pipes that have been exposed to weather conditions over many years begin to show signs of aging. The aging will cause the inner surface of the tube to crack and flake which will leave rough edges and large cracks that are much harder to repair than a fresh coat of paint or sealer.

fusion bonded epoxy pipe coating

How To Teach Fusion Bonded Epoxy Pipe Coating Like A Pro

With this in mind, a business owner who needs pipe fittings or even a homeowner who needs to have pipe repairs and restoration performed on their home will be happy to know that fusion bonded epoxy pipe coating will provide the same quality of work as other types of pipe coatings without the cost. These epoxies provide a rich, dark color for the pipe that will make any room in the house look elegant and inviting. When properly applied, these epoxies will bond with the steel inside the pipe so that no color matching between the pipe and the steel is noticeable. It is important that if there is a color difference that the shop or home owner wants to match then they should do so using an epoxy paint instead of a steel coating. A steel coating can appear unsightly and will make the difference between a repaired pipe and a brand new pipe.

Because of the reasons mentioned above, more people in the gas industry as well as pipeline installers, builders and service companies are choosing these types of products when completing pipeline projects. This is good news for pipeline companies, contractors, manufacturers and consumers as more pipeline companies are offering fusion bonded epoxy pipe coatings as part of their product line. Consumers will also benefit from this type of coating because they will have a system that will last longer, be stronger, resistant to corrosion and require little upkeep after it is installed. This type of coating is being used by more companies in the gas industry and pipeline installations because it does what it is supposed to do and can help protect the investments that pipeline companies make when they choose to use them.