Pretty Litter Review

Pretty Litter was developed by a team of scientists and veterinarians, so it’s completely safe for your cat. The litter is highly absorbent and doesn’t clump, making it easy to clean the litter box. Plus, it’s dust-free and doesn’t track as much as clay litter. You can also buy a litter scoop separately, which is helpful when you have multiple cats. Pretty Litter reviews is only available on a subscription basis, and it costs $22 per month for one cat.

Pretty Litters has a unique ability to detect urine imbalances and early signs of kidney or urinary tract issues in your pet. The color-changing litter will change to orange, green, or red if there is an abnormality in your pet’s urine. This helps you take your pet to the vet sooner, rather than later, so they can get treated quickly and save their life.

Although Pretty Litter is fairly expensive, it’s definitely worth it if you’re willing to pay for the peace of mind and time saved when it comes to cleaning your cat’s litter box. It’s important to note that a change in Pretty Litter’s color doesn’t necessarily mean there’s something wrong with your pet, so it’s still wise to visit the vet regularly.