Painters in Point Lonsdale

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Joseph Villanueva is an impressionist sgraffito artist working in acrylic. His compositions evoke a sense of landscape and a bursting sky. His technique involves scratching through layers of still wet paint to reveal complementary colors beneath. He draws freehand over the wet paint with virtuosity and imaginative flair from memory, sometimes from observation or references.

Painters Port Lonsdale: Enhancing Your Home’s Aesthetic

He has exhibited nationally and his work is held in private collections across 16 countries and 5 continents. His work is influenced by botanical close-ups, lily ponds, garden vistas, and bright colors.

Geelong Painters is a high-growth suburb that offers a unique coastal lifestyle (Why Build in Pt Lonsdale). It is also a desirable location due to its limited availability of new land, resulting in a higher value for existing properties (Point Lonsdale – Five Reasons to Buy or Sell). With so much interest in the suburb and the demand for quality housing, a fresh coat of paint could make all the difference for your home’s value.