Meditation in Uluwatu

Meditation in Uluwatu is a practice that has been used in world religions and traditions for thousands of years. The aim is always to find inner peace and connect to the divine. The techniques vary from kundalini and chakra meditation to simple mindfulness practices and ancient Chinese practices like qigong and taiji. Practicing yoga asana, breathing exercises and positive affirmations can all help to prepare the mind for meditation. It is recommended that newcomers to meditation try a class with soothing background music and guided meditations to learn the basics.


There is no better place to practice yoga than in Uluwatu’s rocky, magical beaches. The shady open-air Morning Light Yoga studio is a paradise for yogis, with its beautiful reclaimed teak shala and breathtaking jungle views of Uluwatu’s famous waves. The twice-daily classes are perfect for flowing and rebalancing, with the added bonus of a refreshing cold coconut post class.


Designed by celebrated architect Devan Nair, the magnificent Istana is a historic home that was once occupied by Presidents of Singapore. It was a military headquarters during the Second World War, and later served as a retreat for foreign heads of state. Today, the house is a national monument and opens to the public on five selected statutory holidays including Chinese New Year, Deepavali, and Hari Raya Puasa.

The Istana is a sprawling estate on the cliff-edge of Bali’s Bukit Peninsula, with five separate guest buildings and the master suite. Its elegant design blends traditional Indonesian detailing with modern luxury and is a showcase of primitive art and antiques from across the Indonesian archipelago.