Insurance Broker Certification – CAIB

If you want to work as a broker and uphold industry standards, caib is the program for you. This nationally recognized designation requires you to successfully complete four courses – CAIB 1, 2, 3, and 4. These courses cover topics such as personal lines, commercial lines, and brokerage management. This course of study will expand your insurance knowledge and provide you with new sales markets.

The CAIB report went beyond traditional investigations of technical failures, examining NASA as an organization and placing the accident in the long-term historical context of human spaceflight. Logsdon explained how the $17 million, six-month effort looked at all aspects of the shuttle disaster and pointed to factors such as schedule pressure and a lack of a clear goal for human spaceflight.

Essential Study Tips for Acing the CAIB 1 Exam: Start Your Journey to Insurance Success

ITAC offers a fully online CAIB curriculum and class workbook for students to study at their own pace. This package also includes a CAIB manual, practice exam and the opportunity to write your exam at a post-secondary or government institution offering proctored computer-based exams. The cost of the online course is $175 + tax and includes exam registration, class workbook, a practice exam and your textbook. The CAIB exam is an online 3.5 hour examination made up of multiple-choice, definition and short-answer questions. All exams scheduled (or re-registered for) after one year are treated as first-time exams.

It is important to note that the CAIB courses do not help you get your RIBO license in Ontario. In order to qualify for your RIBO level 2 or 3 license you must study our RIBO course bundle or a separate series of courses including the online Council Rules Course.