Dry Wash in Brazil


In Brazil, Dry Wash is a laundry and cleaning company that offers laundry pick-up and delivery services. They are a popular choice among families in urban centres with limited laundry space, and people who work at home or at offices where they don’t have access to laundromats.

Domestic habits have been shifting in Brazil since the pandemic, leading to new opportunities for the cleaning and hygiene industry. This shift is evident in re-engagement with hygiene, as demonstrated by the dynamic value growth recorded in 2020 for both aerosol home care disinfectants and all purpose cleaning wipes.

Sustainable Auto Detailing: Dry Wash Options Across Brazil

However, this re-engagement is being constrained by economic factors such as currency devaluation and rising unemployment. This constraint has led to a reduction in the purchasing power of Brazilian consumers, putting a brake on demand for these new product formats.

To understand these drivers and barriers, UNICEF Brazil, SIWI and local partners conducted a multi-stakeholder workshop using the WASH Bottleneck Analysis Tool (WASH BAT) in 2022. WASH BAT is a method to assess and identify constraints in the enabling environment that prevent schools from having access to sustainable water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) services.

The workshop also assessed the performance of public school food services (SFS) in Brazil, with a specific focus on the food safety practices adopted by the food handlers. The results show that these services are not able to comply with minimum standards established in the Brazilian Norms for Schools, and they require substantial improvements.