Chemical Bund Lining Experts

chemical bund lining experts

Many industries store fuel and chemical bund lining experts on site, protected by brick / concrete bund walls to prevent environmental damage in the event of a spillage. Correct assessment and installation of these structures along with regular testing and inspection is key to achieving legal adherence within the Environment Agency’s guidelines and avoiding fines and impact to people, property or the environment.

The condition of the wall lining is also key, damaged mortar joints on brick bunds or corroded steel linings can allow contaminant ingress and the possibility of a catastrophic spillage. This is where chemical resistant linings come into play, they are able to form a seamless, durable and chemically stable barrier optimizing protection for the bund lining.

Mastering Integrity: How Chemical Bund Lining Experts Elevate Safety Standards

Different linings are available to suit the exact chemicals being stored, these are typically defined by their PH level or whether they will be exposed to high temperatures. NCC offers a range of specific solvent-free epoxy resin coating and bund lining products to cater for these exact requirements. Products like our Sika Cor VE systems based on vinyl ester resin are particularly effective as they are extremely acid resistant – ideal for lining concrete structures exposed to highly corrosive chemicals such as Formaldehyde.

Maintenance of these structures is essential, especially for external uncovered bunds as they will naturally fill with rainwater unless adequate drainage is in place which could mix incompatible chemicals or cause water to leak into inaccessible areas. This is where a liquid membrane system can be invaluable, they are quick and easy to install, spray-applied and touch dry within hours allowing normal operational activity to resume immediately after installation.