Castors – Choosing Castors That Have the Best Load Capacity

Using casters on furniture is an effective way to provide stability and easy manoeuvring. They are also great for industrial applications. Castors are available in various sizes, materials, and designs to suit different applications.

How does caster affect steering pull?

The best casters are the ones that have an excellent load capacity. The load capacity of a caster is calculated using several factors. Some of these factors include the wheel size, the surface on which it is used, and the material.

The wheel castors with the best load capacity is probably the one that has a large diameter and is made of heat-resistant materials. Castor wheels that are made of soft materials, such as polyurethane, may not last as long as those made of harder materials. However, they are also less likely to leave marks on floors.

Another good choice is a wheel with ball bearings. These wheels can support loads of up to 400 pounds. They are also better suited for long distance transportation.

The best casters for the home are those with a smooth surface, so that they do not leave scratches or scuffs on floors. Plastic wheels are also easier to move.

In addition to the load capacity of a castor wheel, consider the roll resistance. A wheel with ball bearings is better for a smooth surface, while a wheel with roller bearings is better for rough surfaces.

Choosing a wheel that has the best load capacity may be difficult, so it is best to consult an expert before making a final decision.