Bodybuilder Shoes – The Essentials For Weightlifting

bodybuilder shoes

When it comes to a gym-goer’s checklist of essentials, shaker bottles and lifting belts get plenty of attention. But what many overlook is their shoes. While you can lift just fine without them, bodybuilder shoes can help make you feel sturdier during heavy squats and other free compound movements.

The best bodybuilder shoes shoes are designed to give you a rigid base and a powerful heel for gripping the ground. They also come with a hook-and-loop strap to keep the shoe locked down and secure during your lifts. The most important thing to remember when buying bodybuilding shoes is that they need to fit you properly. They should be snug enough that you can’t easily wiggle your toes inside. They should also be comfortable for hour-long workout sessions.

Lift with Confidence: Choosing the Right Shoes for Bodybuilding Workouts

Choosing the right shoes can be overwhelming for any beginner weightlifter or CrossFitter, so I’ve compiled a list of some of my favorite options. These shoes all provide the essentials for weightlifting (elevated heel, solid base) and some have additional features (hook-and-loop strap, rigid sole) to increase performance.

If you’re new to weightlifting, I recommend using your shoes during a couple of squat sessions in a row to get accustomed to the increased heel height and to learn how to maintain a strong midfoot balance with the barbell. You can even experiment with a 1-2 second eccentric pause at the bottom of the squat to further develop your ability to use the knees and hips independently.