Pease Park Conservancy and Austin’s Remarkable Environmental Movement

Pease Park Conservancy: Part of the Remarkable Environmental Movement in Austin

Pease Park Conservancy is just one of the nine amazing beneficiaries Give 5 to Mother Earth Day will be supporting this spring. The mission of the Pease Park Conservancy is to protect and preserve Pease Park, more than 85 acres of open space, as a place for picnics, nature walks, games, and general enjoyment of the outdoors.

In this blog, Andrew Gill, the Executive Director of PPC, talks about why they are excited to participate in this year’s Give 5 campaign.

Why is Pease Park Conservancy participating in 2016’s Give 5 campaign?

Pease Park Conservancy is participating in Give 5 because we want to be a part of the remarkable environmental movement that’s happening all across Austin. It’s fulfilling to be a part of this group of nonprofits who are all making significant contributions that improve the quality of life Austinites have come to enjoy.

 Why are initiatives like Give 5 so important to the Austin community?

As Austin continues to grow and more people reside here, it is absolutely imperative that we maintain our quality of life by supporting organizations like those represented through Give 5. We can’t simply count on public funds to support our open spaces. There is a deep desire from Austin residents and businesses to fill the gap between what the City of Austin is able to provide and what our community desires. The participating organizations are a conduit between private donors and public improvements.

 What are pressing challenges facing our natural environment in Central Texas? How do you think Give 5 and its partner orgs can play a role in addressing these challenges?

Some of the challenges that we face in Central Texas include a growing population, climate change, and a lack of adequate public funding.

As Central Texas continues to grow, parks and green spaces are facing increased usage and stress. The sad reality is that they aren’t meeting the needs of our residents. Our Parks Department still hasn’t recovered from severe cuts in the late 2000’s. Until they do, private organizations will play a significant role in enhancing our open spaces.

Climate change and severe weather has plagued Central Texas for years. Erosion, droughts, and major flood events have cause considerable, and expensive, damage. The participating organizations are actively advocating for policies that will brace Austin for future challenges.

We do not fund our parks, trails, and open spaces at a level that meets our expectations. Our current funding model is not sustainable and will eventually reach a crisis point. Participating Give 5 organizations are working hard to supplement budget cuts in order to maintain our quality of life in Austin.

Learn more about Pease Park Conservancy on their website or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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